Sport Ready Lightning Earbuds Are Finally Here

Working out, everyone hates doing it, or at least they hate it if they don’t have their favorite music to listen to while they’re doing it. Have you ever tried jogging on a treadmill for more than fifteen minutes without any kind of television or music playing of any kind? The monotone drone of the treadmill itself can be unbelievably annoying after just a short while. Unlike running outdoors, where you have moving scenery and the sounds of nature, or the city, to keep you entertained, jogging in place in a gym can be deathly boring.

You may find yourself out of options if you are an iPhone lover, as the new models only have Lightning connectors, which means regular old headphones just don’t work anymore. Thankfully there are some really neat new Lightning-cable headphones to fill the gap and help you exercise without going crazy of boredom. Since nobody wants to work out with a big bulky headset, we’re talking about earbuds. Specifically, the JBL Reflect Aware, which, if you’ve read anything about these new high-tech earbuds, you’ll know they are truly an amazing accessory for any self-professed “fitness freak”.

What makes the Reflect Aware so cool? Well, we break it down in these 5 unique selling points:

They Work with iPhone 7 and 7 Pluses

First and most importantly, these are some of the only earbuds on the market that currently work with the brand new iPhone 7. This is kind of a big deal, because if you are a music lover and hate the standard Apple earbuds that come with new phones, then you’ll DEFINITELY want to test these things out. Sure, other makers will probably release their own Apple-specific headsets in the future, but for now, JBL is where it’s at!

They Also Work with Android (USB-C)

JBL isn’t just an Apple accessory manufacturer, in fact, they’re more widely known in the PC world for making great speakers and headphones for regular PC desktops and the like. Not to leave out non-Apple fans, JBL has made a version of the Reflect Aware with a USB-C connector, since many Android phone makers are choosing this smart connector now to compete with Apple’s Lightning. So, whether its Apple or Android, JBL has you covered with these fantastic earphones!

They Have Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling used to only be found on expensive business-class headsets used by frequent flyers with extra large budgets to spend on super expensive headphones. These sound cancelling devices always relied on big heavy battery packs to power the noise cancelling features. The Reflect Aware’s on the other hand aren’t that expensive, don’t need a battery pack (they are powered directly from your phone) AND they offer excellent adjustable noise cancelling features! Could it get any better?!

They Come with an EQ App

Turns out it does get better! Not only are the Reflect Aware perfect for any new smartphone, and not only do they cancel out unwanted background sounds, they can also be controlled directly through an app that allows you to adjust things like the equalizer, the amount of noise cancelling, say, if you are in the gym you can have 100% noise cancelling, but if you are jogging on the street and want to still hear cars and potential danger, you can turn down the amount of noise blocking. This makes this a very versatile pair of earphones indeed.

They’re Affordable

Last but not least is price. For new tech, you always pay a premium, but compared to how expensive some of the “old” type of headphones are, that don’t have HALF the features packed into these, then you start to realize how much of a bargain the Reflect Aware earbuds truly are. If you are looking to spend your money wisely into 2017, then these are definitely worthy of your consideration.

Do you own a pair of these great headphones? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!